KnifeArch - London Studios-IMAGE
KnifeArch - London Studios

**KnifeArch** is a FiveM resource allowing you to setup walk-through metal detectors which can be triggered by other players, aler...

by LondonStudios
Fire Hose - London Studios-IMAGE
Fire Hose - London Studios

# HoseLS - London Studios HoseLS is a FiveM resource providing a realistic firefighting experience featuring a custom hose ...

by LondonStudios
Police Handbook-IMAGE
Police Handbook

This modification implements a British Police Handbook into FiveM (Server Side). The command /handbook is used to display a list o...

by LondonStudios
Procopio International Airport [EDITED RELEASE]-IMAGE
Procopio International Airport [EDITED RELEASE]

Hello. This is an edited version of the original **Procopio International Airport** found on either gta5mods or github. It'...

by ImSamu
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script -IMAGE
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script

This script is a script for LEO in order to make sure that the officers rack and unrack their heavy guns, if they try to pu...

by Tamir112
Hong Kong Airlines A350-900XWB-IMAGE
Hong Kong Airlines A350-900XWB

# Hong Kong Airlines A350-900XWB Download the original model from [here](

by meko
LS Freeway Weight Station-IMAGE
LS Freeway Weight Station

Hello, this is a weigh station I made for trucks to stop and get weighed. It can be used in RP for police to run it, you can also ...

by ToxicCS
FiveM TShirt Pack-IMAGE
FiveM TShirt Pack

FiveM TShirt EUP | Please leave feedback for me please! Thank You (FOUND IN SHIRT OVERLAY) Included in pack: ...

by NoahA
Mercedes Sprinter Gmail Van-IMAGE
Mercedes Sprinter Gmail Van

# Mercedes Sprinter Gmail Van The fastest delivery company in the world. Deliver your posts within a couple seconds from a ...

by meko
Developer Livery for the Camaro ZL1-IMAGE
Developer Livery for the Camaro ZL1

This is a livery I made because I was bored, this livery is based on the following [livery pack](

by AwesomeCore1
Mt. Haan Regional Airport | Full Release | Working Lighting | Full Release-IMAGE
Mt. Haan Regional Airport | Full Release | Working Lighting | Full Release

This is my first YMAP I have ever made with an actual purpose, it is an airport on Mt. Haan Road north of the Vinewood sign. <br /...

by ToxicCS
FiveM Sandy Shores Airfield Retexture-IMAGE
FiveM Sandy Shores Airfield Retexture

FiveM Retexture for a sign. Images and font taken from google, made by myself. This wood texture was found on google and the sign ...

by NoahA