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Mercedes Sprinter Gmail Van

Uploaded 2/12/2021


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Mercedes Sprinter Gmail Van<br />

The fastest delivery company in the world. Deliver your posts within a couple seconds from a side of Earth to another side, unless Google's server is world-widely down again.<br /> <br />

How to install? (important)<br />

  1. Download the original file from 'Required mods' above, install it to your FiveM (server).<br />
  2. Open Open IV, locate the folder of the model and open it<br />
  3. Drag and drop my textures, car_sign_1.dds and plate.dds, to both speedo.ytd and speedo_hi.ytd<br />
  4. Save and done<br /> <br />

Other creations<br />

Planes<br /> A350-1000 China Airlines Special Livery<br /> A350-1000 JAL Japan Airlines<br /> <br /> Emergency<br /> Rosenbauer Concept Firetruck<br /> <br /> ===<br /> Design credits to me, @meko<br /> Gmail of course credits to Google Inc.<br />


Made by meko