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Mission Row Police Department Exterior | Fivem Ready

Uploaded 1/15/2022


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773 · 5.63 MB

This is an exterior for Mission Row Police Department. In the stream folder is the Ymap file and you are free to edit it and personalise it but if you re-upload that please link this original.


  • NONE

Features: -Anti-Grief Ram proof entrance

  • pedestrian access
  • realistic Vehicle Entrance for a full RP experience without any annoying gates


  • at this time there are no bugs and should be fully functional with most if not all interior mods for mrpd

Installation (fivem only): Unzip mrpdext- By-Crusector Then All u need to do is put the mrpd-ext in your resouces folder (path is: gta5-fivem > server-data > resources > ) Then you add to server.cfg start mrpd-ext or ensure mrpd-ext

Credits: -Crusector

more help is in the README file inside the ZIP


Made by Crusector