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LSPD Crown Victoria | Livery

Uploaded 1/22/2022


If you are conserned that this mod is conflicting with our Upload Policy
please create a ticket containing the mod url and reason in our Discord.

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606 · 10.94 MB

This is a livery for a police car and you are free to edit it and personalise it but if you re-upload that please link this original.


  • OCRP LSPD pack


  • High Detail Livery


  • at this time there are no bugs and should be fully functional

Installation (fivem only): you need to download required rescource Then use OpenIV to replace the car this livery is for with 'ther_sign_1' with my livery called the same thing. then you simply drag and drop into your resouces folder for you FiveM server and Start or Ensure in server.cfg

Credits: -Crusector

more help is in the README file inside the ZIP