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Food Park | Fivem Ready

Uploaded 1/16/2022


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746 · 10.65 MB

This is an exterior for the small paved area opposite 24/7 in Sandy in the GTA map. In the stream folder is the Ymap file and you are free to edit it and personalise it but if you re-upload that please link this original.


  • NONE

Features: -Anti-Grief Ram proof bollards

  • Added Nature which will not affect most nature mods
  • Added food vans
  • Added fences and tables


  • at this time there are no bugs

Installation (fivem only): Unzip foodpark-By-Crusector Then All u need to do is put the food-park in your resouces folder (path is: gta5-fivem > server-data > resources > ) Then you add to server.cfg start food-park or ensure food-park

Credits: -Crusector

more help is in the README file inside the ZIP