ActivateAlarm - LondonStudios-IMAGE
ActivateAlarm - LondonStudios

A FiveM resource used to activate a custom alarm sound in an area. This uses another resource called PlayCustomSounds, a standalon...

by LondonStudios
Play Custom Sounds - London Studios-IMAGE
Play Custom Sounds - London Studios

**PlayCustomSounds** is a standalone FiveM Resource allowing you to play external sounds in your FiveM server from other resources...

by LondonStudios
Discord Activity Log-IMAGE
Discord Activity Log

Tiny resource that is easy to merge with existing script resources. It can be setup to log the times for your staff...

by Grav
SmartSounds - London Studios-IMAGE
SmartSounds - London Studios

**SmartSounds** is a FiveM resource allowing you to play custom sounds in-game to players nearby, featuring an easy to configure "...

by LondonStudios
SearchHandler - London Studios-IMAGE
SearchHandler - London Studios

This plugin is designed to enhance the player search experience for your FiveM server, a simple resource allowing players to set t...

by LondonStudios
CustodyAlarm - London Studios-IMAGE
CustodyAlarm - London Studios

CustodyAlarm is a **FiveM** resource allowing you to activate custody alarms at custody stations. The locations can be fully custo...

by LondonStudios
SmartObservations - London Studios-IMAGE
SmartObservations - London Studios

SmartObservations is a FiveM resource which enhances the experience of taking and working with **medical observations** (eg, Heart...

by LondonStudios
Los Santos Airport Gate [FREE]-IMAGE
Los Santos Airport Gate [FREE]

FiveM Custom Gates! Features: - Added Lights - Extended Gates near the entrance - Added Custo...

by NoahA
Vehicle menu with catagories -IMAGE
Vehicle menu with catagories

This menu is for dividing your vehicles into categories for easier and more efficient access. The menu is fully customizabl...

by Tamir112
SmartCuffs - London Studios-IMAGE
SmartCuffs - London Studios

# SmartCuffs - London Studios **SmartCuffs** is a FiveM resource to enhance the player handcuff experience. You have the ab...

by LondonStudios
SmartTester - London Studios-IMAGE
SmartTester - London Studios

<b>SmartObservations</b> is a FiveM resource enhancing the roadside testing experience. The resource includes a customisable **Bre...

by LondonStudios
Random ATC squawk code generator -IMAGE
Random ATC squawk code generator

This script is as simple as the title states, it is a random squawk generator! The functionality is pretty simple, you do *...

by Tamir112