FiveM Server Info PHP | Responsive Dark CSS-IMAGE
FiveM Server Info PHP | Responsive Dark CSS

**FiveM Server Info PHP** is a php website that will show FiveM server information and players online. To run php websites you nee...

by Fredney
Vehicle options menu-IMAGE
Vehicle options menu

This custom menu is used to control your vehicle and all of its aspects. This menu is mainly used for servers who do not wa...

by Tamir112
Fokker 50 Livery Pack-IMAGE
Fokker 50 Livery Pack

Fokker 50 Livery Pack for Heinrich's Great Fokker 50 Mod:<br...

by Novaa
[RELEASE] A Cleaner Mission Row Police Station; with added barriers.-IMAGE
[RELEASE] A Cleaner Mission Row Police Station; with added barriers.

Hey guys, Today I am releasing my cleaner Mission Row Police Station that includes barriers. This release was never...

by Twisted
[Release] F-4 Phantom Red Arrows [Add-On Vehicle]-IMAGE
[Release] F-4 Phantom Red Arrows [Add-On Vehicle]

Hey guy’s this is quite old but i’m Releasing a new Five M ready, custom made F-4 Phantom Red Arrow Plane. Its made of the Bl...

by Twisted
Noahs Lodge 2.0 [FREE]-IMAGE
Noahs Lodge 2.0 [FREE]

Noahs Lodge is a custom FiveM Map which features a cool lodge with Christmas props! Wassup!This ymap is fully custom from the Mail...

by XSpectic
ActivateAlarm - LondonStudios-IMAGE
ActivateAlarm - LondonStudios

A FiveM resource used to activate a custom alarm sound in an area. This uses another resource called PlayCustomSounds, a standalon...

by LondonStudios
Play Custom Sounds - London Studios-IMAGE
Play Custom Sounds - London Studios

**PlayCustomSounds** is a standalone FiveM Resource allowing you to play external sounds in your FiveM server from other resources...

by LondonStudios
Discord Activity Log-IMAGE
Discord Activity Log

Tiny resource that is easy to merge with existing script resources. It can be setup to log the times for your staff...

by Gravxd
SmartSounds - London Studios-IMAGE
SmartSounds - London Studios

**SmartSounds** is a FiveM resource allowing you to play custom sounds in-game to players nearby, featuring an easy to configure "...

by LondonStudios
SearchHandler - London Studios-IMAGE
SearchHandler - London Studios

This plugin is designed to enhance the player search experience for your FiveM server, a simple resource allowing players to set t...

by LondonStudios
CustodyAlarm - London Studios-IMAGE
CustodyAlarm - London Studios

CustodyAlarm is a **FiveM** resource allowing you to activate custody alarms at custody stations. The locations can be fully custo...

by LondonStudios