Aircraft Airstrike Script-IMAGE
Aircraft Airstrike Script

This script adds airstrike capabilities to any aircraft of your choice! You can configure which aircraft have them, how many ro...

by Tamir112

Piggyback script er et script hvor du kan komme op på ens ryg og ja det er en del bedre ind Carry det tog mig ikke så lang tid a...

by Matias_weber
Bennys shirt-IMAGE
Bennys shirt

Bennys T-Shirt for Fivem and Gta Singleplayer Read the text bellow. [GTA] mods x64v.rpf models cdimages streamedpeds mp.rpf...

by Adde
LSPD Livery | Easy Install-IMAGE
LSPD Livery | Easy Install

Made this a long time ago but someone said it looked cool so I thought I should put it out. I will keep this README updated thr...

by Crusector
[Prop] GMP Knife Bank-IMAGE
[Prop] GMP Knife Bank

Thank you for the support on my latest uploads hope you enjoy this one make sure to share to friends and have a good one C...

by BlueLightMods
Highway Checkpoint | [YMAP - FiveM Ready]-IMAGE
Highway Checkpoint | [YMAP - FiveM Ready]

Hello, this is a mapping from a checkpoint located on the highway next to the casino. I would appreciate if you would rate it so ...

by KingStudios
Constrution-Site | Mapping [FiveM-Ready]-IMAGE
Constrution-Site | Mapping [FiveM-Ready]

Hello, this is a mapping that brings some constructions/ construction-sites into the map. I'm trying to update it re...

by KingStudios
Fivem Food Tuck Ymap-IMAGE
Fivem Food Tuck Ymap

Fivem Ymap That Added A Better Place to have food worker rp or a picnic roleplay. Great for all servers that like to have new kind...

by Dustshader
Fivem custom prop menu-IMAGE
Fivem custom prop menu

This menu allows you to spawn any prop from a list you configure! The menu has a user-friendly UI with options to add remov...

by Tamir112
Simple Armoury System-IMAGE
Simple Armoury System

A simple armoury script that features a clean UI and a vehicle racking system. The script is very easy to configure and everything...

by Txzsi
FiveM Donation Webstore script-IMAGE
FiveM Donation Webstore script

This script connects your store to your FiveM server. It checks if a player has made a donation on your Tip4...

by Murga
Multi Supported Priority Status-IMAGE
Multi Supported Priority Status

A simple, pretty self explanatory priority HUD that be used in two different map sections. The config file pretty much explain...

by Txzsi