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Smart Laser - London Studios-IMAGE Weapons Emergency Graphic Military
Smart Laser - London Studios

## Discord: https://discord.gg/5TD5ssEupv Smart Laser provides an advanced and realistic weapon laser sight which is fully synced...

by LondonStudios
Police Armory Script-IMAGE Scripts Accessoires LUA Heavy
Police Armory Script

This script is a basic police armory script that is intended to spice up and make your roleplay a tad more realistic. The script a...

by Tamir112
KnifeArch - London Studios-IMAGE Scripts KnifeArch LondonStudios C# Metal Detector
KnifeArch - London Studios

**KnifeArch** is a FiveM resource allowing you to setup walk-through metal detectors which can be triggered by other players, aler...

by LondonStudios
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script -IMAGE Scripts leo Police RP Role Play
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script

This script is a script for LEO in order to make sure that the officers rack and unrack their heavy guns, if they try to pu...

by Tamir112