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Boundary Mover-IMAGE Scripts Adjustment Addon LUA
Boundary Mover

Moves the map boundaries way farther out than they are by default. This makes it so that vehicles don't die on Custom maps that ar...

by Insephet
GTR-50 Vehicle-IMAGE Vehicles Addon
GTR-50 Vehicle

GTR-50 Non-ELS CREDITS: Base Model - InformedCoder Subwoofer - Lynx Modifications RAZ3R.OfficerTenPenny - Feniex 4200 Mini Co...

by GregoryDev
Rocket Gokart-IMAGE Vehicles Addon
Rocket Gokart

Rocket gokart Non-ELS Credits: RebDamas - gokart For more info contact us here: https://discord.gg/smdYWkPdCy That gok...

by GregoryDev
LS Tow/SADOT Yard-IMAGE Maps MapEditor Addon CodeWalker Heavy Interior Truck/Trailer Gameplay Replacement Car Building Adjustment

Located at the recycling center I have made a tow/dot yard. Has: --------- Working gates at the entrance and exit(1 entrance ...

by Huw
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee-IMAGE Scripts LUA Misc
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee

Version 1.1.2 --Created by StaceyBee– Created 20/2/22 Updated 20/3/22 –[[ INTRO]]– Here is a basic script to force player ...

by SBee_Gaming
SWAT CAR PACK | FiveM Ready | Non-ELS | Legacy Pack Edit-IMAGE Vehicles Addon Decoration Emergency Interior Car META-File
SWAT CAR PACK | FiveM Ready | Non-ELS | Legacy Pack Edit

This is an EDIT of the LEGACT PACK by Finite Modifications (out of business) Credits: all Credits to: Finite Modifications and my...

by Crusector
[ FiveM - Car ] Bugatti with Automatic spoiler 😏-IMAGE Vehicles Car Sportscar Addon Building Graphic Truck/Trailer
[ FiveM - Car ] Bugatti with Automatic spoiler 😏

| Bugatti - GTA V | -------------------- ▼❗GENERAL❗▼: 🎥 | Bugatti Intro: https://youtu.be/kp2hhrr4...

by FiftyTowe
Dodge charger SRT liberty walk-IMAGE Vehicles Addon Car ESX Sportscar
Dodge charger SRT liberty walk

Dodge Charger SRT Liberty Walk 2018. . . ...

by The_official_Step_Gramp
Hells Angels Livery-IMAGE Truck/Trailer
Hells Angels Livery

The livery on Weazel Truck that you can download on https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-weazel-news-pack-news-vehicles-pack-2-2-discont...

by GregoryDev
SpeedLimiter-IMAGE Scripts Command

**SpeedLimiter** is a custom FiveM script that sets your vehicles maximum speedlimit. The script is mostly intended for FiveM role...

by Fredney
Advan A3D Wheel-IMAGE Vehicles Addon Car
Advan A3D Wheel

The OG, Old School JDM Advan A3D Wheel with Nitto NTO5 Stretched Tires. Features: Paintable Rim Face Install: SP: MAKE SURE YOU ...

by IkaikaXkailikeA