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KnifeArch - London Studios-IMAGE Scripts KnifeArch LondonStudios C# Metal Detector
KnifeArch - London Studios

**KnifeArch** is a FiveM resource allowing you to setup walk-through metal detectors which can be triggered by other players, aler...

by LondonStudios
Fire Hose - London Studios-IMAGE Scripts C# Firefighter Fire Hose Water RP Roleplay LondonStudios
Fire Hose - London Studios

# HoseLS - London Studios HoseLS is a FiveM resource providing a realistic firefighting experience featuring a custom hose ...

by LondonStudios
Police Handbook-IMAGE Scripts C# Police RP LondonStudios
Police Handbook

This modification implements a British Police Handbook into FiveM (Server Side). The command /handbook is used to display a list o...

by LondonStudios
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script -IMAGE Scripts leo Police RP Role Play
Fully configurable police Rack/Unrack script

This script is a script for LEO in order to make sure that the officers rack and unrack their heavy guns, if they try to pu...

by Tamir112
GravBot [FiveM Edition] [FULL RELEASE]-IMAGE Scripts discord txadmin server scripts script custom bot discord bot fivem bot fivem scripts
GravBot [FiveM Edition] [FULL RELEASE]

Fully custom bot made by Grav that allows people to find stats like bans, kicks, warns, playtime & much more! Use +help for comman...

by Gravxd
Discord Webhook Function-IMAGE Scripts lua discord
Discord Webhook Function

Simple & easy way to use discord webhooks within FiveM. This is made possible through a LUA function that can be placed di...

by Gravxd
Plane Smoke [ONESYNC & CUSTOM PRESETS]-IMAGE Scripts smoke planes flight aviation airshow

Basic & simple plane smoke script originally made my JayMontana36 but customised to add custom presets by Grav. You can now...

by Gravxd
FiveM Discord API-IMAGE Scripts discord fivem scripts script bot
FiveM Discord API

A discord / fivem integration that allows to make the most of discord's api with bots. You can use this bot for a live stat...

by Gravxd
FiveM Kick Command-IMAGE scripts kick moderation
FiveM Kick Command

Very simple script that is integrated to log inside discord so that you can see who was kicked along with the moderator. Ve...

by Gravxd
FiveM NoahChat -IMAGE Scripts chat settings fivem
FiveM NoahChat

FiveM-NoahChat > This is Noahs Version of ingame FiveM Chat! > > **Features:** > - Toggle Chat Visib...

by XSpectic
Badgers Revamped Hud

This is Badgers Hud which is revamped greatly the revamp includes it being integrated to Discord Permissions. This ...

by XSpectic
Discord Status Bot [NEW]-IMAGE discord scripts script status server-status server status server script discord-status discord status
Discord Status Bot [NEW]

Updated version of a previous post, features a few new features & cool stuff!<br /><br />Please make sure to read ...

by Gravxd