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FiveM Ready I Rp Commands I do, darkweb, tweet, news and more!-IMAGE Scripts Command
FiveM Ready I Rp Commands I do, darkweb, tweet, news and more!

This is my first time "coding" (copy and pasting and changing a few things) I DID NOT MAKE THIS SCRIPT! I expanded off another sc...

by AustinDesigns
FiveM / Discord Lua Bot-IMAGE Misc Misc Accessoires
FiveM / Discord Lua Bot

Yeah I know! I thought this guy left fivem? nah hes just a ghost now..... This is the bot that can be easily configured to you l...

by NoahtheDeveloper
FiveM livemap-IMAGE Scripts Others Misc
FiveM livemap

This is a live map I orginally made for LFS which you can see [here](https://live-map.lucaasfs.com). I decided to upload th...

by AwesomeCore1
Toggleable Holograms-IMAGE Scripts LUA
Toggleable Holograms

Simple hologram script that allows you to toggle them on and off. Default command is /holograms The script allows you to change ...

by Samurai
ATC Script (/atc Command)-IMAGE Scripts Accessories Misc Airport Plane Adjustment
ATC Script (/atc Command)

Use the /atc command to Contact Air Traffic Control! This is mostly used for flight sims and will be used in my own Flight Sim as ...

by Neutron
Path Logger-IMAGE Scripts Misc C# Command HUD Others
Path Logger

A simple path logger that lets you record your in-game player movement. Commands: /path <interval (optional)> - toggles path recor...

by KoenTech
FiveM Teleportation Menu-IMAGE Scripts Menu Gameplay
FiveM Teleportation Menu

This menu is used for setting locations that players can teleport to with ease. **Features** Multiple Category options Accessible...

by Tamir112
Speedometer-IMAGE Scripts Addon HUD

This Speedometer is Good :) Installing very easy! 1. Drag and drop the "speedometer" file in the ressource folder 2. Go in the se...

by Fuchso
Discord Webhooks for FiveM-IMAGE Scripts ESX
Discord Webhooks for FiveM

Send bot messages on discord from your FiveM server thanks to webhooks ! Useful for logs Also can be used for companies to get d...

by Selene_Desna
Grape Harvesting ( Not A Job )-IMAGE Scripts ESX
Grape Harvesting ( Not A Job )

This script need the server to add the items "raisin" and "jusraisin" in your database. Harvest grapes in Marlowe's Vineyard and ...

by Selene_Desna
Simeon Car Thievery-IMAGE Scripts ESX
Simeon Car Thievery

Simeon is looking for cars to sell to his clients. But don't worry, you doesnt have to sell your own, someone else's if fine. Ta...

by Selene_Desna