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Boundary Mover-IMAGE Scripts Adjustment Addon LUA
Boundary Mover

Moves the map boundaries way farther out than they are by default. This makes it so that vehicles don't die on Custom maps that ar...

by Insephet
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee-IMAGE Scripts LUA Misc
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee

Version 1.1.2 --Created by StaceyBee– Created 20/2/22 Updated 20/3/22 –[[ INTRO]]– Here is a basic script to force player ...

by SBee_Gaming
[FIVEM][ESX] svPeds Create Peds Standalone -IMAGE ESX LUA
[FIVEM][ESX] svPeds Create Peds Standalone

With svPeds you can place peds on the whole map independently of other scripts. So you can place peds for shops and other interact...

by Tryzen95
[FIVEM][ESX] svBlips Create Blips Standalone-IMAGE Scripts ESX LUA
[FIVEM][ESX] svBlips Create Blips Standalone

With svBlips you can set blips all over the map without having to rely on another script. You can configure the whole thing easily...

by Tryzen95
[ FiveM - Map ] Airport Textures 😏-IMAGE Maps MapEditor Building Airport CodeWalker Graphic Gameplay ESX Menyoo Map
[ FiveM - Map ] Airport Textures 😏

Hey if you are looking for an airport texture then since you are right here. I have also made a simple tutorial so that you have n...

by FiftyTowe
Better Chat Commands-IMAGE Scripts Command LUA
Better Chat Commands

Hi guys! Better Chat Commands is updated script of Chat Commands made by me. The old one was very bad because it was not showing t...

by Chris
Basic Chat Commands-IMAGE Scripts Command Addon LUA
Basic Chat Commands

/me - displays RP chat message, (example: [ME] Chris Newton - Buys Cereal) /do - displays RP chat message, (example: [DO] /anno...

by Chris
Speedometer-IMAGE Scripts Car Addon Adjustment HUD LUA Sportscar

Speedometer that works very basic. The unit that it works in is: MPH. Default language: LUA. Any help needed? Open a ticket on: ...

by Chris
EMS Commands-IMAGE Scripts Emergency Emergency/ELS Addon LUA Command
EMS Commands

# EMS-Commands-1 /cp - checks pulse, message shown: "{user} checks suspects/patients pulse" /medkit - applies medkit, message sho...

by Chris
SpeedLimiter-IMAGE Scripts Command

**SpeedLimiter** is a custom FiveM script that sets your vehicles maximum speedlimit. The script is mostly intended for FiveM role...

by Fredney
/car and /dv commands-IMAGE Scripts Command LUA
/car and /dv commands

This script allows you to use /car and /dv command, /dv means delete vehicle so it deletes your current vehicle. Car command allow...

by Chris
Proximity /me script-IMAGE Scripts LUA Misc Command Gameplay
Proximity /me script

This script does just what the title states it does, it is a /me script for displaying your player's actions. - The script works ...

by Tamir112