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Simple Armoury System-IMAGE Scripts Shotgun Handgun
Simple Armoury System

A simple armoury script that features a clean UI and a vehicle racking system. The script is very easy to configure and everything...

by Txzsi
FiveM Donation Webstore script-IMAGE Scripts ESX LUA
FiveM Donation Webstore script

This script connects your https://tip4serv.com/ store to your FiveM server. It checks if a player has made a donation on your Tip4...

by Murga
Multi Supported Priority Status-IMAGE Scripts LUA
Multi Supported Priority Status

A simple, pretty self explanatory priority HUD that be used in two different map sections. The config file pretty much explain...

by Txzsi
Aircraft countermeasure Flares-IMAGE Scripts Airport Command Adjustment Plane Plane Military LUA Helicopter
Aircraft countermeasure Flares

This simple script adds the ability to use flares with any aircraft of your choice! And yes, the flares will actually divert homi...

by Tamir112
[FiveM-Ready] Toggle Extras w/ Commands-IMAGE Scripts LUA Others
[FiveM-Ready] Toggle Extras w/ Commands

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Enable / Disable Vehicle Extra(s) usin...

by JackMarshal
[FiveM-Ready] Disable GTA-V Blind-fire-IMAGE Scripts LUA Others
[FiveM-Ready] Disable GTA-V Blind-fire

Jack Modifications | This is a very simple script that will disable the blind-firing feature in GTA V Do you need support? h...

by JackMarshal
[FiveM-Ready] Basic Roleplay Commands-IMAGE Scripts LUA
[FiveM-Ready] Basic Roleplay Commands

-- Need Support? Join my Modifications Discord: https://discord.gg/kSCgxB3Ucz -- Basic Commands: /twt (Basic twitter) /gme ...

by JackMarshal
All Robberies In One Pack-IMAGE Scripts Addon Adjustment AR C# Car Command Graphic Male Decoration CAD Emergency CodeWalker Boat Building Handgun Gameplay Accessoires Misc ESX Helicopter
All Robberies In One Pack

Robbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery PackRobbery Pa...

by Shinchan_Gaming_YT
FiveM speedometer-IMAGE Scripts C# Car HUD
FiveM speedometer

FiveM speedometer written in C#. How to use? 1. Copy all files to your resource folder. 2. Enter html/templates folder. 3. C...

by rucin96
Boundary Mover-IMAGE Scripts Adjustment Addon LUA
Boundary Mover

Moves the map boundaries way farther out than they are by default. This makes it so that vehicles don't die on Custom maps that ar...

by Insephet
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee-IMAGE Scripts LUA Misc
Tyre Damage by StaceyBee

Version 1.1.2 --Created by StaceyBee– Created 20/2/22 Updated 20/3/22 –[[ INTRO]]– Here is a basic script to force player ...

by SBee_Gaming