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This modification implements a British Police Handbook into FiveM (Server Side). The command /handbook is used to display a list of commands in the handbook. Hours of training can be done to teach individuals, but a plugin like this is needed to ensure those standards are not forgotten!

This will improve roleplay quality on British policing servers with prompts such as GOWISELY (Stop & Search) easily appearing as a notification on your screen. Similarly, /arrest will prompt the full caution and /nec will list all necessities for an arrest.


/arrest - Arrest Format

/handbook - List all Commands

/nec - PACE (Code G) - Necessities

/tor - Traffic Offence Report

/methane - Major Incident Declaration

/ipp - Initial Phase Pursuit

/136 - s136 Mental Health Act

/ic - Identity Codes (eg, IC1/IC2)

/wm - Warning Markers (eg, FI)

/book - Cell Space Booking Format


This modification is complete however updates will be published in the future improving the amount of commands and features. No bugs identified currently.


FiveM: (Server side)
  1. Drag and drop the “policehandbook” folder into your server directory > cfx-server-data-master > resources.
  2. In "server.cfg” add a new entry: “start policehandbook”, this will start the resource.

Drag and drop the “policehandbook” folder into your server directory > cfx-server-data-master > resources.

In “server.cfg” add a new entry: “start policehandbook”, this will start the resource.

In the future I plan to develop more British related content similar to the mod seen here, which will improve realism for British players!

© 2020 - London Studios - Do not redistibute, modify/change or reupload without my obtained permission. This may be used on public/private FiveM servers and used in videos published to websites, however the source files should not be redistributed. This is for non-commercial use.

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