Paleto Bay International Airport [EDITED RELEASE]

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This is an edited version of the original Procopio International Airport found on either gta5mods or github. It's based - as the name says - at the north of the map, next to Paleto Bay at the Procopio beach. Once again, this work is older and not perfect, at least when it comes to my edited work in it.


- added ATC tower

- longer runway

- more gates / stands (bigger terminal)

- improved lights on taxiways + runway

- added some detail work

- fixed SOME light flickering


mixtro for the creation of this

JayMontana36 for the convertion to FiveM

@NoahA for the picture

Please consider the provided.


I am NOT offering ANY support to this resource and upload. However, if you have questions, catch me on my linked discord, if you are lucky, I might help you.

I am NOT claiming this whole resource to be my work. I only edited it.

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