GravBot [FiveM Edition] [FULL RELEASE]

Downloads: 478 | Uploaded: 24. Jan 2021

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Fully custom bot made by Grav that allows people to find stats like bans, kicks, warns, playtime & much more! Use +help for commands!

Advanced whitelist system + live status built in.

It has easy to use features like +search @user which will find that user's playtime and their punishment history.

This is convenient for servers like an rp server for example. If they need a certain amount of playtime, you can just use +search @user

Commands are:

+help - Full list of commands

+about - Bot info, dev credits, uptime

+search @user - Search discord user stats

+playtime [name] - Find playtime for user's by name

+lookup [type] [input] - Lookup stats for id's & names.

+setup - Used for live status

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