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> This is Noahs Version of ingame FiveM Chat!


> Features:

> - Toggle Chat Visibility

> - Clear Chat

> - Suggestion bar

> - Clear Text Bar

> - Overall clean look


> Basic Clear Chat with Command


> > !alt text


> Basic Command Being Used


> > !alt text


> > Commands

> /togglechat


> Optional

> These are optional messages you can include to your sv_chat.lua for messages welcoming indivuals to your server. To add them copy and paste and fill in your server name where it says server name. The seccond message is a leave message.



> AddEventHandler('chat:init', function()

> TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, '', { 255, 255, 255 }, '^3Welcome | ^0' .. GetPlayerName(source) .. '^3 to INSERT SERVER NAME')

> end)


> AddEventHandler('playerDropped', function(reason)

> TriggerClientEvent('chatMessage', -1, '', { 255, 255, 255 }, '^3Player^0: ' .. GetPlayerName(source) ..' Disconnected Reason: (' .. reason .. ')')

> end)

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