[NON ELS] SAFD 2008 Ford Explorer

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Free download VehiclesFire EMS 08 Explorer


Alright so I spend a lot of time converting this car from FH1. I mean a lot of time. I had to make a full custom Interior because of this I know It is not perfect but I wanted to make it! If you feel the need to rip this model just know that I will know if its mine no matter what you do! This is the FIRST (to my knowledge) 2008 Explorer converted to GTA V! And If I find you I will BEAT YOUR ASS!! Alright now that is out of the way. The Handling line needs work! I dont know how to make handling lines so if you make one that works please message me and I will give you full credit for it!


If you like the base model with all of its flaws feel free to hit me up and we can talk details!

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