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Taser Framework - LondonStudios

Uploaded 4/7/2021


If you are conserned that this mod is conflicting with our Upload Policy
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TaserFramework is a FiveM resource providing a host of functions to enhance the reality of the Taser X2 device. Features include custom external sounds, taser interface (CID) notifications, taser cartridge limit, taser reload functionality, taser safety mode, taser arc mode, taser cartridge reactivation, barb removal and distance based "ripping out". This plugin also replicates the Axon Audit trail through Discord integration, logging every usage of the taser.

Latest version: 1.1 - 08/06/2020

Join our Discord here.

Member/Usage Documentation here.



1/06/2020 - Update pushed, increased efficiency, bugs fixed and customisable keybinds! Easy installation and no need to install another sound plugin.


  1. Firstly, install the TaserFramework files as a resource on your server. This comes with an <b>fxmanifest.lua</b> setup. If your server has issues with this type of file due to having an outdated CitizenFX server, you'll need a <b>__resource.lua</b>. Please do not edit the fxmanifest.lua. Next, "ensure" the resource in your server.cfg.

  2. Secondly setup a <b>webhook</b> on your Discord server and select the channel for your CEW-Audit log. Please find a Discord tutorial here if you require support. <br >

  3. Next, open "transmission.lua" and edit Line 2 to include your Webhook URL, these should be inside the speech marks. Please add your full URL from the webhook.

  1. Finally, you are now setup to start using TaserFramework by London Studios. We have created member documentation for you to share, please provide them the link here.

This is how your folder should look:

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/foCPYd9.png">

If you require any support, join the Discord and request assistance!