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SmartTester - London Studios

Uploaded 4/10/2021


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<b>SmartObservations</b> is a FiveM resource enhancing the roadside testing experience. The resource includes a customisable Breathalyser and <b>Drugalyser</b> including realistic sounds, the ability to fail to provide a specimen and a delay before you receive the drug result. All of which can be customised in the config.ini The plugin also extends your arm in-game when you are taking a sample.

View a demonstration video here.

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This plugin is made by LondonStudios, we have created a variety of releases including TaserFramework, SearchHandler, ActivateAlarm and more!


/breathalyse - Takes a sample of breath from the nearest player.

/drugalyse - Takes a saliva sample from the nearest player.

/setbreath [result] - If you are being breathalysed, you'll be prompted in chat to use this command.

/setdrug [Cannabis (true/false) Cocaine (true/false)] - If you are being drugalysed, you'll be prompted in chat to use this command. eg, /setdrug true true

/failprovide - If you are being sampled, this will fail to provide and the officer will be notified.

After drugalysing someone, the default value in the config is set to 90 seconds, meaning the plugin will wait this duration before releasing the result to you.


  1. Create a new resource folder on your server.

  2. Add the contents of "resource" inside it. This includes:

"Client.net.dll", "Server.net.dll", "fxmanifest.lua", "SharpConfig.dll", "html".

  1. In server.cfg, "ensure" SmartTester, to make it load with your server startup.


The plugin is customisable in terms of the units and the drugs tested by the drugalyser. Please open the config.ini file to make edits.

For example, if you want to remove the delay, change 90 to 0. You can change the breathalyser Unit or limit above, they are currently set to the UK limits and unit. You can also change the drug names it detects for.

Source Code

Please find the source code in the "src" folder. Please ensure you follow the licence in <b>"LICENCE.md"</b>.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to SmartTester and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people!