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LSPD Livery | Easy Install

Uploaded 5/10/2023


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Made this a long time ago but someone said it looked cool so I thought I should put it out.

I will keep this README updated through every update Please give this a generous star rating on FiveMods

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Intallation: Step 1. Navigate the the stream folder where you drag and replace the afpis.ytd file provided with the existing one in the required resource OR Use OpenIV to import the livery to the car's .ytd folder (For the required resource it will go to the afpis.ytd.) Tutorial - https://youtu.be/6Nw1VZDFfak

(Use 2nd option of Step 1. if using a different author of the vehicle with compatable templating, you will need to change the file name)

Step2. simply follow the vehicle's own installation instructions once completed installing the livery


For car pack - @socialthero2002 (Twitter) otherwise - DM me (Dam#7024)

Credits: all livery Credits to: myself I also go by: Dam, Turtle, Tom

Car(s) - "SoCal Thero"


Made by Crusector