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FiveM Server Info PHP | Responsive Light CSS

Uploaded 8/1/2021


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FiveM Server Info PHP is a php website that will show FiveM server information and players online. To run php websites you need to download apache which you can do here. The website will not show player licenses.

This was originally made for the LFS Status page, but this version is a FiveMods special. This version is updated includes a light CSS stylesheet and tweaks to the code itself. You can find the original version of this mod here

You can use this mod freely as long as you don't remove, hide or modify any credits in the code.

Setup Go to config.php and change the $serverIP variable to your FiveM Server's IP Address.

Make sure to include the port!

If you wish to you can change the update/refresh frequency in config.php. Default is 5000ms


Made by: @Fredney and @AwesomeCore1


Made by Fredney