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Bennys shirt

Uploaded 5/14/2023


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Bennys T-Shirt for Fivem and Gta Singleplayer Read the text bellow.


mods x64v.rpf models cdimages streamedpeds mp.rpf mp m freemode 01


  1. Drag and drop the file into a stream folder
  2. Start the clothes in the server cfg.

[ENG] Hello! My name is Adde and I am a designer from Sweden. I thought I wanted to give back to the wonderful gta community that exists on this forum. Hope you like the shirt. I also hope you keep an eye out for future outfits that I will post here on gta 5 mods. Have a continued pleasant day or evening and see you soon!

[SWE] Hej! Jag heter Adde och ar en designer fran Sverige. Jag tankte att jag ville ge tillbaka till den underbara gta-gemenskapen som finns pa detta forum. Hoppas du gillar trojan. Jag hoppas aven att ni haller koll pa framtida klader som jag kommer till att lagga upp har pa gta 5 mods. Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag eller kvall och sa hors vi!

[Free - Support] And this support on this post is for the installation of the shirt to fivem and singleplayer

ENG And if you have any problems, just let us know on disocrd Adde8283 or through the comments on this post.

SWE Och om du har nagra problem, lat oss bara veta pa disocrd Adde8283 eller genom kommentarerna pa det har inlagget.

[ Have a continued pleasant day or evening and see you soon! ] From you nice friend from sweden Adde


Made by Adde