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Sandy Motel Exterior Revmap

Uploaded 10/9/2022


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2.005k · 10.16 MB

This Revamp is in place to increase realism and give a nice new look to the old broken sandy motel!

The Revamp includes:

Retexturing of the motel building, pool, and outdoor patio Remodeling of the motel building including the removal of the rusty blue posts and fixing of all the cracks, holes, and debris Cleaned and usable parking lot Lighting for the building, parking, and pool Custom “Hotel” neon sign NOTE: The revamp was intended to be a paid resource since it took me a great amount of time and resources to create. However, since there are some issues like random bushes and grass I was not able to remove I have decided to release it as free. Furthermore, if you want to take the time and know how to fix or improve the resource drop me a private message and we can work together!


Made by Tamir112