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[NON ELS] SAFD 2008 Ford Explorer

Uploaded 12/30/2020


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674 · 11.46 MB

Alright so I spend a lot of time converting this car from FH1. I mean a lot of time. I had to make a full custom Interior because of this I know It is not perfect but I wanted to make it! If you feel the need to rip this model just know that I will know if its mine no matter what you do! This is the FIRST (to my knowledge) 2008 Explorer converted to GTA V! And If I find you I will BEAT YOUR ASS!! Alright now that is out of the way. The Handling line needs work! I dont know how to make handling lines so if you make one that works please message me and I will give you full credit for it!


If you like the base model with all of its flaws feel free to hit me up and we can talk details!

Phantom Designs Discord - https://discord.gg/n8haCtR

To help me bring you guys amazing cars like this please feel free to donate to my cause!! All of my Vehicle Releases will remain free if I can Afford them so this is how you can help!!

PayPal - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/PhantonDesignsINC


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