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[ FiveM - Map] "Los Santos Police Department" 3D-Text

Uploaded 5/27/2022


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"Los Santos Police Department" lettering.

3D Text [✅] CW PROJECT available [✅] shines [✅] Ymap [✅] Ydr [✅] Editable in CW [✅]

odr file [❌]

❗For bugs come on my discord and post them in the chat!❗

discord: https://discord.gg/zfaxQ7kS6d


"Los Santos Police Department" Schriftzug.

3D-Text [✅] CW-PROJEKT vorhanden [✅] leuchtet [✅] Ymap [✅] Ydr [✅] Bearbeitungsfähig in CW [✅]

odr Datei [❌]

❗Bei Bugs kommt auf meinem Discord und schreibt sie in den Chat!❗

Discord: https://discord.gg/zfaxQ7kS6d


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